Profiles of Maine Co-ops

Rock City Roasters and Cafe

To preserve a community institution and a great place to work, business owner Susanne Ward is selling Rock City Roasters and Cafe to the people who helped build it -- the employees -- with the help of the Cooperative Development Institute. Watch the video.

Insource Renewables

In order to maintain good jobs and quality of life in rural Maine, business owner Vaughan Woodruff is guiding his solar installation company, Insource Renewables, toward employee ownership, with the help of Cooperative Development Institute. Watch the video.

Associated Grocers of New England

In 1946, a group of enterprising store owners decided the best way for them to compete against the larger chains was to combine their buying strength and take control of their future.   read more

Belfast Co-op

The Belfast Co-op is a community-owned grocery store and deli/cafĂ© founded in 1976.    read more

Cabot Creamery

The Cabot Creamery Co-operative story reaches back to 1919, when a group of 94 dairy farmers in the area of Cabot, Vermont joined forces to turn their excess milk into butter.  The cost to join was $5 per cow, plus a cord of wood to fuel the boiler.    read more

Community Credit Union

Serving the underserved, empowering members with financial literacy and strengthening local communities are key focuses for Community Credit Union.    read more

Fedco Seeds

Fedco Seeds is a worker and consumer multi-stakeholder cooperative started in 1978. They currently employ over 50 people and are one of the largest suppliers of trees, seeds, bulbs, tubers and garden supplies to farmers and gardeners in Maine.    read more

Maine Farm and Sea Cooperative

Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative was formed in 2015 to change the conversation about how we can provide locally grown, raised, harvested and processed food to our universities, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions.    read more

New Roots Cooperative Farm

A group of Somali Bantu refugees has started a cooperative farm in Maine, whole continents away from where they were born.    read more

Raise-Op Housing Cooperative

By purchasing apartment buildings with the primary aim of growing the amount of affordable cooperative housing available, Raise-Op is changing the lives of many who get to maintain their own safe and healthy homes.     read more

Stonington Lobster Co-op

Starting with just 15 fishermen in 1948, the Stonington Lobster Co-op is now a central piece of social and economic infrastructure in the community.    read more 

Wardtown Resident-Owned Community

Wardtown is one of more than 192 manufactured home parks in the country that have converted to resident ownership.    read more