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Addressing Conflict and Communication in Your Co-op

Wednesday, June 13th, 6pm - 8pm 

Rockland Congregational Church 180 Limerock St, Rockland

Hosted by Rockland’s Sunset Terrace Mobile Home Cooperative

The event will be led by Peggy Smith & Alton Lane of Clarity Services. You can learn more about them Here.

We will explore new ways to work with conflict through the lens of Courageous Communication. We will experience skills that help us build long term healthy relationships, even with people we may disagree with.

People will walk away with practical skills for seeing people’s behavior differently … to move toward connection and mutual understanding, and to ultimately be able to foster creative problem-solving.

This workshop was recommended by the Rising Tide and Belfast Co-ops. Both co-ops have participated in these conversations as a way to build skills relevant to communicating with their boards, together as workers, and with their communities.

To learn more about your hosts, Sunset Terrace Mobile Home Cooperative, read about their path to resident ownership HereOr visit their Facebook page Here.

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Financial Literacy 2.0

Wednesday, June 20th, 4pm-6pm

MaineStream Finance, 315 Main Street, Rockland

This workshop will review income statements, bring in the balance sheet and statement cash flow and develop how these 3 reports are related to each other. We will learn how, together, they constitute a valuable management tool.

This workshop will be hands on and interactive, including working with line and bar graphs developed from real report numbers. The workshop will feel like a relevant follow-up for those who attended the Financials workshop at this year’s Principle 6 Conference and will also be a great skill-builder for any co-op looking to improve their comfort with financial management tools. 

Facilitated by:

Deborah Hawkins, Northeast New England Outreach Officer at Cooperative Fund of New England (CFNE)  and 

Marcel Gagne, Cooperative Development Specialist in the Business Ownership Solutions (BOS) program of the Cooperative Development Institute (CDI).

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