The Cooperative Maine Business Alliance is excited to share the agenda for Principle 6, featuring a mix of workshops, community conversations and skill building trainings from co-op members and practitioners from across the country, with a particular focus on strengthening the cooperative movement in Maine.

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To preserve a community institution and a great place to work, business owner Susanne Ward is selling Rock City Roasters and Cafe to the people who helped build it—the employees—with the help of Cooperative Development Institute.

Do you want to see a cooperative economy in Maine?   Please support our work to make it happen!

See how co-ops build a better Maine. Watch new videos and read profiles of cooperatives that are strengthening our communities and creating an equitable, prosperous economy.


Maine can create a prosperous, equitable economy where all of us—young and old, new and longstanding—can fulfill our needs and aspirations.

Working together, we can create an economy that generates more wealth and security for more Mainers, promotes entrepreneurship and innovation, and roots ownership more deeply in our communities.

Cooperatives Build a Better Maine is a roadmap that starts with where we are now, offers visionary examples of where we could go, and outlines an agenda for how we can get there.

Where are we now?

Maine’s challenges are well known, but our cooperative and employee owned businesses offer some beacons of hope. What are co-ops, how do they work, how do they improve our economy and communities, and what are the roadblocks to growth?

Where can we go?

We can look to places where robust “cooperative ecosystems” have created some of the most prosperous, equitable and entrepreneurial economies in the world. What examples can we look to and what can we learn?

How can we get there?

We can strengthen Maine’s economy and communities and be more competitive nationally and globally. We can build a more cooperative economy that fulfills the needs and aspirations of all Maine people. Where do we start?